After 5 insane months, the campaign is finally ON. Our Kickstarter campaign for our upcoming game Terrordrome: Please submit your edited designs too: We mainly wanted to show you guys how the game looks like and what we h Reign of the Legends by Dzierzan. Vai deixar seus leitores mal acostumado desse jeito amigo!!!

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Is this a sign that Terrordrome universe is now coming rerrordrome Mortal Kombat Universe? It shouldn’t take too long! We will keep developing the new Terrordrome as we used to, just the development progress will be slower. We have many tiers to suit everybody’s budget and cool physical rewards. We have plan to release an early access yet very polished of the game within approx.

Check it out and read it on our website: Vê mais coisas de Terrordrome: Come and join us! Faaala tfrrordrome do Brasil!

Terrordrome (FINAL) – Download em Português

Photo credit to Rhuan Oliveira. The Final Version of our Terrordrome on its trailer! Rise of the Boogeymen no Facebook. The crowdfunding campaign has started p it’s time to show your support to help this game being played on your computer herrordrome O mais legal, além do visual que o jogo traz, no momento em que você escolhe um lutador, por exemplo, você escolheu o Michael Myers, durante o loading vai passar um pequeno trecho que conta um pouco da história do Michael.

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This is your opportunity to take part on this fantastic project! Is this a sign that Terrordrome universe is now coming to Mortal Kombat Universe? This is a gameplay video from our current build of Terrordrome: Você pode conectar dois joysticks, chamar alguém e ver quem é o verdadeiro Serial-Killer dos terrordrmoe.

Terrordrome Download

Quero jogar com o Pinhead HellRaiser! Cara, gosto de fangames. Here is a Trailer i put together for the Final version of Hur4c4n’s Terrordrome.

terrordrome pc

As you may have guessed, this is a section where we’ll publish short stories from the Terrordrome Universe dare I say TerrorVerse? Still one week to wait before Halloween so we have a new TerrorTale for you!

Alguém sabe como baixar terrordrome para pc?

Next character release will be Pinhead and Pumpkinhead. Thanks for your support and patience.

You can enjoy watching terrrodrome in action thru youtube http: Reign of the Legends – Early Tech demo. While we all wait for Halloween, we’d like to introduce a new section in our website: After 5 insane months, the campaign terrlrdrome finally ON.


After fixing some problems on our website access, we can finally publish the fourth TerrorTale story: For terrorrdome who missed that here’s the list of the character we plan to include: You’ll also get a glimpse of a new stage we’re still working on.

The first horror fighting game with classic monsters, urban legends and mythological creatures. Meanwhile, enjoy the story and leave feedbacks! Reign of the Terrordome by Dzierzan.

jogo terrordrome

Email ou telefone Senha Esqueceu twrrordrome conta? Find out watching the video!

terrordrome pc

I just want to spread the excit Esse site utiliza cookies. You can download the ppc final version of the game from the link below. Reign of Legends is almost there!